Dateline 10 July 2006

We are making some changes to the general structure of the website, so expect a few dead links and missing pictures for the next four days or so.

The reason for this is simple: the different projects have grown to such sizes that they deserve their own dedicated pages. This should provide quicker loading and easier navigation in the end. But meanwhile: bear with us.

Dateline 19 June 2006

Work on the models are progressing slowly these days. The Danish team members had a little symposium the past weekend and made a few adjustments to the Ge 4/4 III. Work will begin in earnest following the 22nd June when exams are over and the holiday season starts.

Dateline 17 April 2006

We are happy to present a new group member:
Marc Verherstraeten AKA Witte46 another busy content creator with a love for Die Kleine Rote.

Marc's first project should be well known to the users of the Belgo Suisse and Auran fora.

Dateline 31 March 2006

Get the right RhB feel to your route with this little free goodie for your stations.

click the image to download