Dateline 03 August 2006

Our first Newsletter has been sent to the subscribers. The editor apologises for the small "bumps" and has duly reinstalled his Outlook.
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Due to holidays most projects are at a halt at the moment, but we will pick up speed again come September.

Stay tuned

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Own and run your own "Little Red One"

On the following pages you will find information about the (V)RhB - Virtuelle Rhätische Bahn - project for Auran's Trainz Railroad Simulator series.

The project is the brain child of Andreas Møller, Thomas Hupfeldt and Jørgen Brandsborg all trainzers since day one and 3D artists even before day one. The driving force is the love for Swiss railroads in general and Rhätische Bahn in particular.

The project group will continue to grow as we invite other RhB affecionados to join. Our goal is to gather as much knowledge and skill under one hat, so not only 3D artists will be part of the group, people with a keen interest in RhB history and technology in general will provide us with the necessary research and internal quality assurance.

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The outcome of the project group's effort will be a series of professional quality add-ons for the latest version of TRS. The first of these focusing on the Bernina Bahn and its present day operations. Later on will come packs including older material electric as well as steam driven.

The packs will generally be offered as payware, but you will almost certainly be able to find some free goodies as well. The exact price is not yet known, but will reflect the current market and what can be agreed with the trademark owner - i.e. the real Rhätische bahn.

Some general remarks about our work:

  • We model ahead - i.e. our models are high poly and as such might not run smoothly on equipment matching the TRS minimum configuration requirement(s)
  • We apply LOD where it is sensible, and often use multi-layer LOD which makes the details stand out when it is necessary.
  • We use large textures - but no larger than 1024 x 1024 - to obtain a luppenrein (crisp) looking lettering or commercial paint job.
Current projects Current active members
  • Jørgen Brandsborg
  • Thomas Hupfeldt
  • Cornelia Lubing
  • Andreas Møller
  • Marc Verherstraeten

Questions, wishes, corrections, what ever you might feel relevant to the project please feel free to contact us at


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