Wagons - a wide range

Locomotives may be the power of railroading, but they would not be anything without wagons. Subsequently we build wagons as well. To be honest we also prefer our motive power to be in front of or behind the proper carriages, there for our wagons are selected for usability rather than sexiness.
You will find a number of passenger coaches and freight cars matching your Konstruktionsbüro JB locomotives not only in quality and attention to detail but also in liveries and periods, and the selection just keeps growing.
When creating wagons for a railsim like Trainz you need to keep focused. That means not overdoing the detailing and not over simplifying either. The ideal is somewhere in between. Konstruktionsbüro JB prefers to lean more towards details than simplicity an subsequently our wagons are a bit heavy in the poly-department, especially the older types where aerodynamics are not a design parameter.
Then again it has always been our policy to build models that will last more than one game version, hence what initially may occur as "heavy" will gradually become "lighter" as the power of the average computer increases. Furthermore older trains were not made up of sixteen passenger coaches, which obviously lightens the CPU and GPU load a bit. This is the exact opposite when we are looking at freight trains. Here the further we go back in time the more diverse the consist.
How does this affect the output? As far as passenger coaches goes it means fewer coaches with more liveries and for freight cars more units with fewer liveries.

Wagons for TRS.

Our range of wagons will cover a wide geographical range as well as a long period in time. As it is now we are working on models from Scandinavia to Switzerland and from 1910 to contemporary designs

Our passenger coaches will be equipped and matched to the latest version of Trainz as well as backward compatible. This means passenger support, scripted lights and animated doors as well as high definition textures based on research and onsite photographs.

Freight cars will carry freight - obviously, but they will also represent the diversity of days of old.

The third wagon category is what we refer to as "special wagons" and comprises cabooses, maintenance-of-way cars, draisines, and those which just is not possible to categorise in a strict and orderly fashion.







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