The Swiss Collection is the hub for all things Swiss coming out of the Konstruktionsbüro.

The Swiss Collection comprises railway equipment of all categories and will be an even mix of FREE- and PAYWARE models. Another important issue is to understand what "Swiss made", which is recognised worldwide as a sign of quality, means as far as our models go. We go for thorough research, prototypical functions, high def textures all in all the best of the best.
It might be that our models are not Swiss made per se, but they are most certainly made in the same spirit.

Re 6/6 page UPDATE

Check out the Ae 6/6 cab video!
(It is rather big 26,5MB)


Funny how things turns out; initially the main focal point for Konstruktionsbüro JB was the former German State Railways, but after a series of trips to Switzerland this indeed has changed. This does not mean that we will stop making models from other nations, but Switzerland has won our hearts.

Underneath you will see a list of current projects. Not all are being worked on simultaneously, rather an order of rotation exists, dictated by way of available reference material, that governs which models are active. In general the list complies to the general grouping of objects used in Trainz® except for the concept work category, which contains larger thematic projects covering more than one category

Please note that we cover Rhätische Bahn seperately via Project Group (V)Rhätische Bahn


Rolling stock


Wagons for passenger service:

Wagons for postal and bagage service:

  • SBB Leichtstahlwagen (various series)
  • SBB Einheitswagen (EW) type I
  • SBB Einheitswagen (EW) type II
  • SBB Einheitswagen (EW) type III

Wagons for freight service:

  • SBB 2 axle Kesselwagen (privatwagen)
  • SBB 2 Boxcar type K2 (various types)
  • SBB Güterzugbegleitwagen "Sputnik"
  • BLS style "Sputnik"


Concept work

Presently there are no active concepts in but we have a few on our to-do list, namely:
  • SBB Swiss Express - Re 4/4 II series 1 + EW III coaches and Steuerwagen.
  • SBB pre WWII suburban service "Arbeiterpullman" Fe 4/4 + mixed consist of old style coaches.
  • Gotthard packs - prototypical consists for the Gotthard ramp.
Do you have a special Swiss object that you just cannot live without, then send us a mail and tell about it.

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