Quality takes time - Payware from Konstruktionsbüro JB

Payware is in many ways no different from other productions, except for one major fact: charging money for something places a responsibility on your shoulders that you need to consider very seriously before you venture into business.
You are responsible towards your customers but more importantly you are responsible towards any brand owner whose name, logo or colours you use. Hence quality is no longer a matter to be taken lightly. Any negligence reflects upon yourself and the brand owner as well. 
Subsequently payware models cannot be cranked out like so many sausages on a string. They need to be carefully researched and continually revised to obtain the best possible result - something that you as the creator can be proud of and third parties involved feel safe about. Hence quality takes time.

Underneath you will see a list of current projects. Not all are being worked on simultaneously, rather an order of rotation exists, dictated by way of available reference material, that governs which models are active. In general the list complies to the general grouping of objects used in Trainz® except for the concept work category, which contains larger thematic projects covering more than one category


Rolling stock:


Concept work
Concept work is where we try to work thematically. Meaning anything from recreating a certain period to depicting a geographical region and its railroad. This will typically result in larger add-on packs with rolling stock, trackside items and scenery.
How far are the different models from release? Check the Project board (online 12 MARCH 2008)
Available models

This will contain the models available form our shop. The different models will be released as soon as permissions from the relevant railroad companies and other brand owners arrive.

  • SBB Re 4/4 II + III - including BLS, Regionalverkehr Mittelland, Südostbahn and Mittel Thurgau Bahn.


Our preferred partner when it comes to skinning expertise
Skovbo Jernbane-Arkiv run by Mr. Claus Frost provides quality CAD based plans of mainly Danish rolling stock. To be able to do so Claus Frost has access to a lot of original plans in the very nice scales 1:25 and 1:10. Not that his 1:87 plans are of a lower quality, we can assure that they are not, but the ability to peruse through the "real McCoy" is something truly special, which can be seen from the level of detail in the NOHAB project.

 1:1 railroading.

RhB Die Kleine Rote

This is another fish we are very proud to have landed. The name Rhätische Bahn or RhB for short is known by narrow gauge enthusiasts around the globe for its amazing routes in the Swiss highlands as well as for a number of special trains and locomotives.



Finally we have succeeded in achieving something very unique: a license from the Swiss federal railways or Sweizerische Bundesbahn (SBB-CFF-FSS) This is a very important achievement for the bureau since it was a SBB locomotive that started the whole payware venture. Furthermore it proves perfectly that all good things come to those who wait.


This could be your spot

*Since we started RM has been merged with BLS and as such does not exist as an individual entity. But the Re 436 carrying the distinctive livery still can be seen on the swiss rails, so we see no reason to discontinue the model.