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The Litra Mo DMU is a local legend. The first Mo's 551 and 552 travelled the rails in 1935, but these units were very different from the units of the later 1800 series that we have decided to present as our first try at this amazingly sturdy and reliable vehicle.
The 1800 series which is the fifth of five entered service with DSB in 1951 and the last units were decomissioned in the mid 1980ies. The Mo's served in all functions, but the tecnological developments within the field of railborne traffic eventually saw them less and less useful in a modern digital world and they faded into obscurity on branchline service. Nevertheless the class has a great number of fans and several units of different series are preserved and kept in running condition by groups of dedicated people around Denmark.

Builder Frichs
Built 1951 - 58
Number 1800 - 1890
Overall length 20,93 m
Service weight 65 tons
Max. weight 185 tons
Engine configuration 2 x Frichs
6 cylinder
diesel electric
Wheel arrangement 3 B-0
Max speed 120 km/h
Effect 500 Hp
Decommissioned 1972 - 84

We picked the 1800 series for several reasons; the primary being the availability of the 1:1 version and a set of genuine 1:25 DSB plans.

The model: DSB Litra Mo of the 1800 series in its original configuration with "anti bird strike" gratings on the windscreens and two-headlights setup.


  • Built from original drawings
  • High resolution textures
  • Prototypical cab and interior
  • Industry compatible: passenger, mail and freight
  • Role defined scripted lighting
  • Prototypical engine sound*
  • and more....

*free upgrade - we need to do some new recordings before we can release it. Hence the first version will use an in game engine

Progress report

It is 90% complete as far as the wagon casing goes. The roof needs the odd bit and bob, and the undercarriage still needs a major overhaul. All the major components are in place but still some wiring and fixtures are missing. When that is done I will pass it on to Mr. Andreas Møller for scripting

Click on the images to see a 1024 x 768 version


Who was Ebbe J. Andersen (a note from the 3D artist)

Ebbe J. Andersen was a fellow member of the model railroad club "Jernhesten" (The Iron Horse) and a former electrician with the DSB. He was a very meticulous man and a his love of the old pre-digital DSB and especially the Mo was instrumental in me deciding to take the project on. Ebbe saw the potential of TRS and was continuously spurring me on - be it signalling or rolling stock, he always had constructive input or a tall tale to offer.
Unfortunately Ebbe died of cancer before he could see his darling riding the virtual rails, but I suspect he is watching from somewhere. I still hold his treasured 1:25 plans and they are their weight's worth in gold for a project like this. Thanks Ebbe, I just hope I can match your standards.



The Mo was unique in its wheel arrangement with one two- and one three-axle bogie (3 B-0). The first series had two two-axle bogies, that is 2 B-0, but was rebuilt to 3 B-0 in the 1940'ies. Presumably the weight of the two 6 cylinder Frichs diesels called for another axle on the engine bogie to take the strain. The diesel combo provided the power for the unit's traction motors fitted on the two-axled bogie.
The bogies were well designed and secured a steady platform for the Mo, probably another reason that the class survived as long as it did. The bogies were so good in fact, that they served as the design base for the Frichs bid for a new mainline diesel for DSB. As we know this was not enough and the Frichs "Marilyn Monroes" were beaten by the NOHAB roundnoses, and the rest is - as they say - history.


Engine bogie for Mo 1800 series. The Mo was equipped with a set of 6 cylinder Frichs diesels working in tandem giving the engineer 500 Hp and a top speed of 120 km/h to put to good use.


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