Re 4/4 II + III - visuals

More in-game screenshots and production renderings of the Re 4/4 II+III

Remember that if you feel a particular livery is missing, all you have to do is to mail us and of course be able to provide us with the needed documentation.

....and in case you are wondering: we do have a Crème/Red Intercity version as well

The "classic" SBB liveries. Green version with round headlights is planned


A Re 421 in the modern SBB Cargo livery. Should anyone want the short lived mint green livery as well, please help Steffen by providing good photos to work from




Here a Re 421 used as a moving billboard - advertising for a special discount rate ticket.




Again a moving billboard this time extolling the motive power of the Aargau region.




A design study of the Swiss Express livery.

We know that this livery solely belongs to special units the earlier Re 4/4 II's - with Scherenstromabnehmer and special automatic couplers - but Steffen could not stand the temptation.



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