The NOHAB project - a timeless classic in many guises

(page is constantly being revised)

The story of the NOHAB diesel electric mainline locomotive is long, so I will stick to the barest of facts for this introductory page.

The NOHAB entered service as DSB Litra My 1101 in 1954 and quickly became the mainstay of the "new" DSB and since spread to many other countries.

In the DSB roster alone you can talk of (at least) different versions, to which you must add the different Norwegian, Belgian, Luxemburger and Hungarian types, not to mention all the newly privatized ex-DSB units in all their different liveries and regional variations, so this is indeed a very wide spanning project

DSB Litra My 1101 in its original configuration
First generation bogie for the DSB NOHAB with Hyatt bearings (work in progress)
Bogie configuration varies depending on the motor configuration of the unit.


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