Quality takes time - Payware from Konstruktionsbüro JB

Payware is in many ways no different from other productions, except for one major fact: charging money for something places a responsibility on your shoulders that you need to consider very seriously before you venture into business.
You are responsible towards your customers but more importantly your are responsible towards any brand owner whose name, logo or colours you use. Hence quality is no longer a matter to be taken lightly. Any negligence reflects upon yourself and the brand owner as well.
Subsequently payware models cannot be cranked out like so many sausages on a string. They need to be carefully researched and continually revised to obtain the best possible result - something that you as the creator can be proud of and third parties involved feel safe about. Hence quality takes time.


Underneath you will see a list of current projects. Not all are being worked on simultaneously, rather an order of rotation exists, dictated by way of available reference material, that governs which models are active. In general the list complies to the general grouping of objects used in Trainz(r) except for the concept work category, which contains larger thematic projects covering more than one category

Rolling stock:


Concept work

Available models

This will contain the models available form our shop. The different models will be released as soon as permissions from the relevant railroad companies and other brand owners arrive. At present we are awaiting news from SBB for the release of the Re 4/4 II + III series.


Our preferred partner when it comes to skinning expertise
We are very pleased to announce that our first official Swiss license is secured with the permission to use the logo and colours of Regionalverkehr Mittelland. This also means that more RM units are in the pipeline.
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